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Data Vitualisation Services

At Ezeia we create software using innovative and adaptive techniques which makes the process easy for our clientele. Services are offered in multiple technologies across a spectrum of domains.

Ezeia’s COE(center of excellence) emphasizes on staying abreast with latest advances in technologies and best practices through its committed and focused team of experts. Our experts ensure that they first understand the business problem and define final outcome, then identify and execute the appropriate technology solution to overcome those challenges.

Ezeia brings to table superior engineering & architecture capabilities for our every engagement. Our clientele can take benefits from our customized rapid and incremental delivery model resulting in a seamless and high-quality outcome.


Software development methodologies are more concerned with the process of creating software agnostic of technology chosen. One can benefit from effective methodology in terms of structuring, planning, controlling and delivering components of highest quality. Our high competence and skill in each of agile, waterfall, prototyping and iterative development methodologies provides our clients a choice.

Ezeia does not advocate ‘one solution fits all’. From experience we say that all methodologies needs customization depending on nature and need of parties. Our expertise in using hybrid methodologies on case to case basis results in accelerated project cycles, improved quality, and reduced cost of engagement.

Build Ezeiza’s COE has extensive and deep experience in developing and managing complex, highly reliable and high performing customized applications. Ezeia’s software services are delivered using the most optimal delivery mechanism and includes services provided on-site, off-site and offshore.

Creating and building a software solution involves narrowing on the solution required by the client, identifying technology fit, raising a team of experts and motivated personnel’s. It is then required to put a structure around all these for defining, designing, developing and deploying the software.

At Ezeia we create customized software using wide range of tools, techniques and latest technologies so that your goals are met. Timely stock taking, proven escalation matrixes, seamless integrations, monitoring and recovery tools helps us in providing a top-notch software services.


We emphasise that testing and quality adherence is an integrated part of our software development process. We write comprehensive suite of test cases – unit, integration and behavioral and integrate them with our continuous build and development.

Our quality watch dogs keep a tight vigil on components under development and get involved from the very beginning. They are not just quality assurance professionals but subject matter experts with a proven track record and focus on defect prevention. They create and implement functional test plans on milestone builds.

Ezeia’s testing practices includes wide range of testing tools providing automated testing and manual functional testing with the aim of providing superior software quality.


Ezeia also undertake maintenance and enhancement of applications developed by us or your legacy applications. We help you standardize your existing development process and methodology to deliver best and modular applications for your business needs.

COE works with expert teams to structure out the methodology on client to client basis. Then concerned team takes over the ownership under guidance and vigil of experts. We also bring in our expertise to make large scale changes in technology and design to increase scalability and maintainability of your application.

Our Process


Understanding what you want out of your site and how do you plant to implement it.



We develop content management systems for clients who need more than just the basics



After successful testing the product is delivered / deployed to the customer for their use



It is an important step which makes sure that your site works with efficiency all the time


Ezeia software services includes spectrum of following paradigms

Cloud services: applications designed considering cloud deployment.

Data Service: reporting, dashboards, data mining, business intelligence.

CRM: implementing and enhancing crm solutions.

Business rules: implementing business rules using designated tools.

SaaS: multitenant and software as a service implementation.

PaaS: Implementations on platform as a service.

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