About Us

Our Story

Founded over 8 years ago, we’ve grown from a small team in India’s startup city Gurgaon to a leading global software consultancy.

Over 100+ clients all over the globe are already satisfied by our services and the list continues to grow.

Ezeiatech is the next-generation global technology company that is helping enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. Our technology products, services, and engineering are built on years of innovation, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships.

We expertly steer our clients through all the hurdles of their digital journey. We do it by enabling the enterprise with all the latest trends and technologies that helps prioritize the execution of change. We also empower the business with agile digital at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight.

Reason of Existence

To create positive impact on the businesses which are serving millions of human race through our people, culture and technology excellence.

Our actions and decisions we take every day are driven by our purpose of existence and following key principles.

Be an awesome partner for our customers

Our actions and decision making capabilities differentiate us; which help us achieve ambitious plans of our customers.

We deeply care about our customer’s businesses and look beyond immediate need. We strive to continously challenge concept of business-as-usual and experiment something never done before to bring higher efficiency and agility in customer’s mission critical systems.

Lead the technology advancement

We are strong believer of magic technology can do in today’s fast pace and ever changing business dynamics. We strive to lead the advancement happening in technology space and bring many first for our customers. It’s a very big responsibility, but this is what we cherish.

Approach we believe in is to empower our people to take decisions, take paths no one has ever thought of and influence the industry to do something different and better. In the process, collectively we make individuals and businesses to grow at unprecedented way.

Nurture a culture to foster an awesome community

No matter who you are; if you are associated with Ezeiatech in any capacity, you deserve respect, empathy and equal opportunity to succeed in whatever you do.

We work closely with our customers and associates to cultivate culture of belonging and inclusivity. We believe that best solution to complex problems are achieved when one’s best self version is demonstrated.

Build a viable and commercially successful business

We strive to be an excellent technology partner for our customers and hence strong financial backing is very critical. We want to be a company which has important role to play towards society benefits and our investors.

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