Rust Concurrency

For a long time I have been thinking about writing a sample program in Rust “the” new systems language. I have done coding in C++ for initial 5 years of my career before I moved on completely to Java and recently in one of my products a requirement came up that a low latency high performance component had to be developed. As I have written by default Java was a default choice as its my first choice anyways. However I realized that this component could not afford non deterministic nature of garbage......

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PHP has become one of the primary technologies while developing web applications these days. While working for Talentica  I can recall at that time there was only one project on PHP and mostly people were doing Java. After PHP5 it regained it’s strength and became one of primary stack for developers. I would try to explain what is my thinking about it. There are 4 stacks that are very popular these days for an internet application to be built in a.) Java world – Spring/Grails ( I have worked on both) b.)......

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