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Businesses today have become dynamic and seek to increase ROI, to achieve these aims open source solutions have gain significant importance. Ezeia understands these views and advocates use of open source solutions wherever needed.

Apart from being low cost and high ROI, open source solutions give a whole lot of other benefits as well, like

  • Strong communities of developers help leverage tens and thousand of development efforts
  • Always evolving and getting enhanced and flexible
  • Assured quality
  • Maintainable and backward compatible
  • Strong communities and blogs and forums provide best in class support

At Ezeia we work with our clients to understand their requirements and help in chosing best open source option for them, configuring and customizing and also providing support and maintenance for it.

Our expertise ranges over full gamut of open source in various verticals,

ERP: Openbravo, Compiere, OpenTaps, ERPS, OpenPro

E Commerce: Magento, Ofbiz

E Learning: Moodle

CRM: SugarCrm, SplendidCrm, VTiger, Hipergate

CMS: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, OpenCms, Liferay

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