Price Data Aggregation

Collate price data from various web sources

Data Collection

Data aggregation services are structured on the foundation that data drives intelligence. With over a decade of experience dealing with web data, we have successfully maneuvered the data discovery process and developed the tools to work through IP bans, dynamic HTMLs and page java scripts. Our home-grown web harvesting tools and data crawling techniques are built for scale and time, and can aggregate millions of data points from thousands of web sources across the globe.

If you provide e-commerce services and are looking for competition analysis and customer analysis, you would need a data aggregation provider to scrape product data feeds, extract product information and collate insightful data points from websites on a daily basis.

If you are interested in marketing opportunities, you can use data aggregation services to find the perfect target market for your business and to leverage the relevant data to create evolving and robust marketing strategies.




Web Mining – Collection of data by crawling the open web, including the collection and processing of information obtained directly from web servers and documents. Information can be scraped from website content, structure, link structure, browser activity and server log records.

Search Info – This kind of data comes from browser activity tracking, and can be an accurate pointer for customer intent and behavior. Search information is also a great way to identify digital audiences by onboarding.

Social Platforms – A goldmine of preferences and user choices which can accurately pinpoint intent and behavioral patterns. From a detailed study of people’s activity on social platforms, you can get a clear picture regarding their preferences.

Mobile – An ever-growing sphere is that of mobile data. It is not limited to being a factor of smartphone penetration, but can also include data from apps and mobile services which work in the background.

Transactions – Includes data that is generated when companies and individuals conduct business. Data can include purchases, requests, claims, deposits, withdrawals, reservation, credit and much more. Both financial and logistical processes are covered under this domain.

Crowdsourcing – Covers the gathering of collective intelligence from the public. Through forums, polls, surveys and questionnaires, highly sophisticated and relevant data can be generated.

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