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Influence of AI on Software Testing

In today’s world, the pervasive presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly transformed various asp...

Digital Transformation
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Bold decisions and imperative for successful digital transformation

Digital transformation goes beyond being a trendy term. Throughout our professional journey, we have actively participat...

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Comprehending the significance of product engineering

Product engineering is a framework that aims to maximize the value of a product throughout its lifecycle.  Recen...

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Using Conversational AI to Increase Adoption and Reduce Abandonment

The application of conversational AI involves using voice and text-based dialog management systems to interact with user...

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The two crucial developments that will unleash the full potential of AI

Potential of AI rests on two things: machine learning and a set of ethical principles As machine learning technology ...

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Why it’s important to preserve human qualities and not let technology override them

Technology, data, and AI have undoubtedly improved our lives in many ways, but there is a growing concern that as we inc...

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AI models can exhibit bias and discrimination – We have the responsibility to address and resolve these issues.

The self-perpetuating bias of AI models poses a significant threat that can have severe consequences on health, employme...

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Can ChatGPT and other generative AI tools deliver on their promises?

The world of generative AI is constantly evolving, with new developments and product launches being announced on a daily...

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How to Ensure the Safety and Effectiveness of AI

Organizations that implement thorough management of trust, risk, and security in artificial intelligence (AI TRiSM) are ...