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Master Worker Architecture Using Vert.x

Today we are going to explain how Vert.x can be used for creating distributed Master Worker Paradigm. In large scale sys...

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Rust Concurrency

For a long time I have been thinking about writing a sample program in Rust “the” new systems language. I have done codi...

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Microservice Architecture and Its Challenges

Microservices architecture is becoming increasingly popular while building large scale applications as it provides n num...

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Apache Camel – Why You Should Learn?

Recently I encountered a problem related to integration with some third party APIs. These days it is pretty common to ou...

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Software Architecture & Its Importance

This post is about understanding architecture of an application and it’s role in web application development. I have ...

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NoSQL and It’s Importance

Just attended a conference at thoughtworks office in Delhi. It was a great talk. Neal Ford was phenomenal and ...

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My Opinion About PHP

PHP has become one of the primary technologies while developing web applications these days. While working for Talentica...

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Web Application Scalability – Service Layer

So In our last post I promised that we will talk about how to make monolithic code into distributed SOA architecture. ...

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Web Application Scalability – ElasticSearch VS Redis

Its 3rd article in Web Scalability. Today I am looking at various projects going on in Indian Start ups and I am th...

Code Quality Guidelines
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Code Quality Guidelines

Coding guidelines are extremely important part of a professional developer’s day to day practices. Following these guide...