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Comprehensive Handbook on Regression Testing

In the process of software development, the codebase of a product is frequently modified before its launch, which can in...

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Influence of AI on Software Testing

In today’s world, the pervasive presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly transformed various asp...

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The Significance of Security Testing in Software Testing

Security testing plays a crucial role in the overall software testing process, as it serves to protect your software app...

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The Significance of Unit Testing in Software Development

Unit testing holds immense importance in software testing as it serves the purpose of verifying whether programs and app...

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AI models can exhibit bias and discrimination – We have the responsibility to address and resolve these issues.

The self-perpetuating bias of AI models poses a significant threat that can have severe consequences on health, employme...

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Benefits and Principles of Utilizing Agile Testing Methodology (Part 2)

In the continuation of part 1 (Part & Strategy), we are here with part 2 of this agile testing series. Benefits O...

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Comprehending the Methodology of Agile Testing (Part 1) Plan & Strategy

In this blog series, we will talk about software testing via agile testing methodology. The Agile Testing Methodology...